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To All My Family, Friends, and Colleagues,

At some point in our lives, we all experience a time of disbelief. For 2009, I wish you belief.

In 2008, there were many people who believed in me, and, in both small and big ways, the belief changed my life. As well, I learned that my belief in others had helped them and changed their life. These two types of belief are what I wish for you in 2009.

Sometimes that the little voice inside your head tells you that you don’t believe you are able to do something. It could be learning something new, passing a test, or finding true love. It could also be the belief in accomplishing career goals at the right job, knowing you can recover from losing a large sum of money, or even having a strong belief that you can survive a major injury or disease. For 2009, I wish you all the belief that you need to overcome the fear, unknown, and doubt that can creep into our head at times.

Belief can also be passed from person to person. Those who accomplish successes in life have often done so because someone believed in them. Parents believe their child can learn to ride a bike, mentors inspire future entreprenuers to start businesses, and artists show us how to view the world or feel an emotion in a whole new way. For 2009, I wish that you fully experience the joy of believing in someone else who needs you to believe in them.

Happy 2009 – I wish you belief.



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