very cool to come across this today – kinzan and scoble

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what was cool is this post (not related to the pic below…but the pic is bad-ass too). see an excerpt of the post below between garland and robert scoble. as background, i worked with garland (and many other bright, talented people) at kinzan…I left and went to Siebel Systems before this dialogue happened…and had no idea that the dialogue occurred.

the king guides us

Excerpt from Scoble’s post: “But, I had to admit it was cool. I’d never seen a coding environment that was like this. Just plop a component down on the screen. Draw a line to connect it into the system. No code.

Then the shocker. He closed down Eclipse, opened up Visual Studio and did the same thing. Only this time his system used Visio inside of Visual Studio. He showed me the code it wrote. Showed me the XML file it created. And how it enabled a new kind of development team.

‘Is this interesting?’ he asked.

[expletive] Yes!!”

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