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Further below is a really interesting and insightful thought about “neuro-linguistic programming” from this site about psychology and business.

While this applies in many contexts, I think the most profound is the overall human relationship context and how people interact in general. A great manager I met from Microsoft once put it this way, “people don’t remember what you said, but they remember how they felt.” NLP reinforces how important this is in human dynamics.


From the link: “Control in human systems refers to the ability to influence the quality of a person’s own and other people’s experience in the moment and through time.

The person with the greatest flexibility of behaviour – that is, the number of ways of interacting – will control the system. Choice is always preferable to no choice, and more choice is always preferable to less choice. This also relates to the third general principle of NLP, mentioned previously. This principle is that a person needs to vary their behaviour until they get their desired outcome. If what you are doing is not working, vary the behaviour and do something else. Anything else is better than continuing with what doesn’t work. Keep varying your behaviour until you find something that works.”

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