chop wood, carry water

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When life throws challenges at you…just keep going.  Keep opening doors and walking through them.  Keep your balance of positive in the face of difficulty and negative.

That is how businesses launch and ideas come to be introduced to the marketplace.

Betalkaboutable is a brand I came up with some time ago…and now the “business” (really just me right now ;-)) has actually launched.  It’s a milestone in my life…and I am very thankful.  Special and sincere thanks to all the mentors listed here and many more!!!

As Bob says, “chop wood, carry water.”  Good point…thanks Bob…hope you are well…though I kinda like “chop water, carry wood” better…go figure!

Atlas, it's time for your bath
Creative Commons License photo credit: woodleywonderworks

Wood Chopping
Creative Commons License photo credit: geoftheref

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