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While I haven’t done holiday cards, for the past 6 or so New Years I’ve written a letter to “the world” (well, really friends and family) as a heartfelt and sincere wish in the New Year.  The wish is a personal reflection on the past year…to look back and see what I needed to experience from life…and to wish that others benefit in some way from that.  (Note: Pics are all taken by yours truly in 2011…titles: sunrise, clouds, moonlight)

sunrise by ab

Here is a brief history of my past New Year’s wishes for you…

  • To welcome in 2004, I wished you bright ideas.
  • To welcome in 2005, I wished you time (both being present to time and taking time to document important life experiences).
  • To welcome in 2006, I wished you broader and deeper relationships and the will to make a difference in someone’s life every day.
  • To welcome in 2007, I wished you soul and everything that soul music represents.
  • For 2008, it was unusual…I didn’t write a wish around NYE…yikes…what happened?
  • To welcome in 2009, I wished that you have someone believe in you.
  • To welcome in 2010, I wished that you gain personal growth from deeper relationships.

clouds by ab

For 2011, I wish that you “know thy peaceful self.”

“Know thyself” is a famous quote that is credited to numerous Greek sages as well as carved into the Temple at Delphi.  To extend that, I’d like to extend a wish to everyone: that you how to find your peaceful self.

A peaceful self is not typical.  Most of us are so busy that we don’t have time to stop thinking.  Our brains are constantly “on,” constantly learning, evaluating, working, comparing, planning, feeling, reacting, responding, and more.  The news, email, voicemail, online, traffic, and more bombards us.  Good things happen and we become ecstatic…bad things happen and we are upset.  Every day, people around us love us and hurt us, people are thankful and then complain, people pick us up and let us down, people act greedy and giving, people act self-centered and compassionate.  Our brains process these interactions all day long…we process emotions along with our beliefs and values…these are often processed without us noticing what is happening.  We even lose sleep at times because so much is on our mind.

What I wish for you in 2011 is that you know how to find inner peace in the face of any type of stress…anxiety, fear, worry, doubt, and any similar experience.  Everyone goes through life and experience times of good and bad, life and death, creativity and destruction, love and war…the pendulum swings, the waves come and go, and change is constant.  We have limited control over many things that happen in life…but we can manage how we think about life.  And, the beauty of being human is that we all have this in common.

moonlight by ab

To Life and Thank You!!!

What I wish for you in 2011 is knowing your path to inner peace.  Learning how to conjure inner peace has been a true blessing for me in 2010, and I wish this for you in 2011.

I am grateful and joyful for every person that I had the opportunity to interact with in 2010, thank you for being you and experiencing life with me.



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