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Finding your purpose for being here on this planet is one of the hardest and most inspiring things you can possibly discover.

Really, it’s not that hard to follow a simple process for doing it, but, for some reason, it is really scary. I mean, like, “Oh shit, what happens if this really works?”

There have been a few people that posted on FB or other places about this exercise on finding your life purpose in 20 minutes, and I highly recommend doing it. It is basically what I describe below.

This is going to sound really simple. Right down your mission statement, then right another version of it, and another, and another until you get to the one that makes you cry.

Along the way, you will explore your passions and interests. So, add them in. Think about how you are serving others in what you do. Add that in. Think about it analytically and precisely, think about it from your heart. Add those in. Add your strengths. Consider where your passions and strengths overlap? Add that. Keep writing, keep editing, keep combining, keep splitting, keep moving the words around, removing words that don’t add meaning for you on their own. What do you love doing? What would you do for free and be happy every day of your life? Tweak it, keep going. At some point (and it doesn’t take too long), you will burst into tears.

For me, it happened just before 69…I “skipped” over it at 66 and came back a second time when I got to 69. Of all numbers, I end up with one that has a lot of extra meaning…no, get your mind out of the gutter! When I say, skipped, I should say that I “paused to reflect” at 69 whereas I kinda went too fast at number 66. At 69, I focused my attention again, basically. When I did, I burst into tears. My heart welled. I thought, “Yes, yes…if I am doing this…I will do it for free…willingly…with passion…every day the rest of my life.”

Tears are how you know you have gotten through the exercise. In concept, the brain has a deep emotional reaction to a stimulus that gives you “the possibility of great joy.”

Below is my version, and it actually sounds a little to wordy. For me, every single word, the phrasing, the order…it all has tons of meaning. I focused on every word in this process, and this is the link to my actual sheet with a short explanation.

My life purpose from Nov 2010 (the approximate point of time I decided to stay on this planet):  

My purpose is to share what makes life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness possible by always looking at everyone and everything as connected in some way and worthy of love with honor for our human condition and with a focus on balance.

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