Happy New Year 2012

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Dear Friends, Family, and Colleagues,

For 2012, I wish you perspective.

Perspective is something that I’ve learned a great deal about this year. It is amazing how two people can see, hear, taste, or experience the same thing and still have a different perspective. The fact is, we are all human and allowed our own experience and perspective, it is our right to do so (at least in this country). We have the freedom to experience life our own way, and we even get to chose how we want to experience it.

For me, 2011 was about facing new chapters of both life and death. There were multiple times that a new part of my life opened up, and I needed a new perspective (for example, I started two businesses this year). Many people helped me see that “even though ‘new’ could be scary, it didn’t have to be bad.” And, I am grateful for learning to cultivate a positive perspective. As well, I saw the threat of death first-hand on multiple occasions…and your perspective on life changes in that moment…when you know life could be gone tomorrow. Again, several people helped me see that difficult experiences can change you forever in a moment…and for the better. I am also grateful for this perspective. We all go through good and bad times…every human gets hit with joys and sorrows, pleasures and pains, times of celebration and mourning…we all share this in life…and we all get to choose how we perceive our life.

Sometimes we sit in traffic, go out with friends, work at our jobs, play with our kids, spend time with family, and we complain! Or, we are hurt, we are inconvenienced, we are in pain, we don’t like what happened to us, and we have a negative perspective about life’s experience. In the big picture, even most negative life experiences are not that big of a deal. Any one of us could be gone tomorrow…and…one day…every one of us will be gone. When you compare what you are negative or complaining about to death…most things stop being a big deal. Hmmm, funny how that is.

So, I do not wish you a perspective that includes “normal habits of complaining” or a perspective of negative energy – this is the perspective of an “ordinary life.” What I wish for you is an EXTRA-ordinary life…a life where you VALUE every single thing that you have, every friend that you make, every breath that you take, every good experience, AND every BAD experience. This is a perspective of extreme personal power – when you see every aspect of life as a gift that you get to experience. This is my wish for you, that you make this type of perspective a part of your daily way of living.

There really is nothing like the perspective of appreciating every single thing that happens to you in life. For the majority of this year, I did an experiment called “365 Days of Thankfulness” where I posted daily (or tried to ;- ) about things I am thankful for. The amount energy, positive energy, and joy that comes from a practice like this is absolutely profound, and I encourage anyone to post to this 365 page on a daily basis (or start your own). It is not easy to do this on a daily basis…but one of the coolest things is that you start to run out of “big things” to be thankful for…and you start to give thanks for smaller things…and this is when the magic happens!

Happy 2012 New Year’s Everyone – I hope your perspective on 2012 is amazing!

With Love, Light, and Peace to You!


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