Comparisons between Brain Science and Computer Science

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For the past three or four years, I have had strong fascination between brain science and computer science.

Roughly half my work time is spent writing about the significance of the largest and most current technology shifts in the world – big data, PaaS, open source, data science, mobile, social, local, agile methods, and distributed computing. Over 2-3 years, I’ve contributed to somewhere around 200 articles in the space for one of the most innovative “start-up” companies on the planet with partners like IBM, GE, and Canonical (an open source company and makes of Ubuntu, the Linux OS). The articles probably average 1000 words. So, this is 3-4 books worth of thinking and communicating.


A few years back, my father wrote a book. It was a compendium on the topics of brain science, awareness, and decision-making in business. While I did not write or edit, it’s fair to say we had “lots of conversations” about it.

In parallel to the development of this book, he was deepening a practice in tai chi chih while I began practicing a shambalah-based meditation and studying the psychology and brain science behind depression. We also started a brain-based, online training company together in a small niche.

In the “other half” of my work/life time, I have a) been at home raising our daughter for about 20 hours a week and seeing how the brain develops “first hand” from day one, b) seeking understanding of how the brain operates on the object of love, c) playing an advisory or consultative role for a few start-ups (including my own) while exploring how some of the aforementioned principles apply in business, and d) enjoying the heck out of music, food, and people…and somehow recently taking the time to start a ving tsun practice and join my wife for aerial yoga.

So, given this context…I can’t help it…I have to write down some of the things I am seeing and “open source” them.


While the comparisons between brain and computer have been around for some time, there are new things happening in computing every day.

With this post, I plan to ignite myself towards a new constitution and explore some of the comparisons I’ve noticed while sharing 3rd party information or dialoguing with anyone who is interested.

Namaste, Shalom, and Hope to Talk to Y’all Soon…Much Love,

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