2016’s Theme – The Year of Potential

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Yep, so, this popped out of my head yesterday, which I posted on 365daysofthankfulness, a site I started about 5 years ago.


This morning, I want to share one craze-mazing thing that I have learned from posting to this thankfulness page for 5 years.

It is truly amazing what happens after just one year of doing this…and anyone has the potential to do it.

If I end up turning this into a series, I guess this is part one :). It’s about a 2-3 minute read…so…here we go…

For the last five years, I’ve posted to this page on a very frequent, if not daily basis. This year I wasn’t as consistent as I would like, but there are more than 250 posts for 2015. Again, anyone can do this and see for themselves how their life changes. You are welcome to do it here…in fact…we would love for you to come share here!

Before I dive into one of the really big things I’ve learned, I want to share a bit about why I started doing this–I started doing this because I thought there was potential and needed to change my perspective.

Life had body slammed me. My perspective was dim at best. I didn’t like my world at all. One day, somewhere around the end of November in 2010, I thought to myself…

“Hey, why not try to be thankful about everything? What would happen if you did?”

Well, I did.

This morning, I am thankful for one of the key things I’ve learned by doing this for five years and it has everything to do with potential. And, by the way, you can’t really learn this by reading about it, you can only really learn by doing it…just like riding a bike…read 50 books on how to do it…it won’t matter. You have to jump on and try. Unfortunately, it also takes practice to make it a steady part of your life.

In any event, here is one really big thing I’ve learned.

When you give thanks like this on a daily basis, your perspective has to change. You are forced to see life in a new way. You find that gratitude has the power to change someone’s life in an instant. You also realize you have the power to do that…change someone life in an instant.

Try waking up to someone today. I don’t care if it is friends, family, a waitress, or a retail. worker. Walk up to them, look them in the eye, shake their hand, smile, take a breathe, and thank them for something they did for you. When you do it, feel it in your heart. Focus on giving thanks from your heart as you say the words, “thank you for doing XYZ….” Focus on connecting your eyes with their eyes and your hand with theirs as you smile and breathe.

See what happens when you do that from a very genuine and authentic place.

Now, try that 1500 times. See what happens.

The potential is unlimited.

And, we all have this power.

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