I wrote this 6 years ago? Multi-Tenant AaaS : )

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Just ran across this VMware vFabric blog post (which largely turned into Pivotal.io) that I wrote back in 2012. How did 6 years go by so fast?

Well, it is good to know that these concepts are still so relevant.

In the article, our architect pointed out how development and operations in the cloud is different, particularly for multi-tenant systems. In the traditional software distribution model, developers are mainly responsible for developing and packaging good code. It’s not bug free, but the software company’s technical support team helps the customers deal with bugs in production. In a PaaS or SaaS environment, the code you put into production might impact all your customers at once, create unexpected downtime that your company is responsible for, and ultimately reduce revenue and profit.

Many traditional software companies have learned this the hard way—delivering something-as-a-service takes a different mindset and behavior towards production-ready code. Traditional software companies didn’t used to be “on the hook” for operations.

Also, here is the whole image, quite a popular meme!


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