About The Author and This Site

This is a personal and professional blog by Adam B. Bloom. If you want to know more about me, the info below is somewhat dated, but a more current version is at Adam’s LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/adambloom.

Being a personal and professional blog, the site acts as a journal of the three things I am most passionate and enthusiastic about:
1) important things that I’ve learned or that have to do with human behavior and psychology.
2) generally cool stuff…people, places, events or “things” that I find interesting, have passion for, or enjoy such as figuring out how to grow media and technology businesses…being an entrepreneur…being an intra-prenuer.
3) creative and profitable “design” which comes from creative and analytical thinking, marketing and sales, product innovations, business processes, technical phenomena, artistic endeavors, people, organizations, and…well, anywhere else it happens to show up.

I love the idea..

The old blog WAS still up and located here http://feed.benjaminbloom.net. At some point, I will attempt to migrate the info from pmachine to wordpress…which doesn’t seem to be too straightforward except via mapping two MySQL DBs. I think the pmachine blog goes from 2002 or 2004 to 2008.

About Me: Super Short Version
On-Demand Software and Internet Media dude. Product Marketing expert for CRM, net, and marketing automation technologies. Launched WebMD and experienced the “$220M+ raise.” Worked with companies like Chase, CNN, Delta, Maytag, Avon, MCI, and more on projects and operations ranging from $10K to $50M+. Led Siebel and Oracle marketing operations globally, launched Siebel Online Community, ran integrated marketing campaigns, and consulted with teleco/media companies. Ran social/video/various campaigns for 25+ companies at Podshow (inventors of podcasting). Currently focused on generating revenue for Unica’s on-demand product line (Unica is the “Forrester/Gartner Leader” for marketing software).


About Me: The Short List of “Cool” Accomplishments (Honestly, I find that who I’ve been lucky enough to work with and learn from are probably my biggest accomplishments):

– Led, built, and launched first two versions of WebMD. Saw Jeff Arnold, Bruce Springer, and others raise over $220 million in 3 or 4 months including being “at the table” for the Larry Ellison investment. Worked with amazing people at iXL like Bert Ellis, Bill Nussey, Doug Penderghast, Loren Coles, Robert Ross, and many more.
– Worked in various capacities with some of the world’s greatest brands: Chase, CNN, Delta, Autotrader, Maytag, Avon, MCI, Siebel Systems, Oracle, Disney, and many other small, mid-sized, and large B2C and B2B companies. Projects range across web, interactive, multimedia, video, kiosk, content, print, and CRM technology for various types of marketing campaigns and with budgets from $10K to $50M.
– Led product marketing for SaaS Solutions, Web Services Architectures, and Cloud Computing before they were popular and worked with some pretty amazing people like Garland Wong, Dr. Ray Ghanbari, Tom Aitchison, Maitland Waters, Marc Sirkin, Jim Brazell, and Phil Bush.
– Led the marketing operations team of 15 folks at Siebel (who processed and reported on 20,000 leads a quarter and measured marketing ROI on over $40M in annual marketing spend and $100M pipeline contribution per quarter). Envisioned and launched Siebel Online Community. Worked in various integrated marketing, demand-gen, sales support, customer loyalty, and consulting capacities with some truly brilliant people like Dave Dahlberg, Drew Clarke, Kevin Colossimo, Tonya McKinney, Nitsa Zuppas, Mike Rosenbaum, Sherman Hsieh, Brian Kelly, Michael Perla, and so many more truly talented people that I cannot possible list them all here.
– Led the Siebel CRM and marketing operations business case and implementation at Oracle with a worldwide project team of 120 people. Got to work with an amazing team there too: Judy Sim, Lori Granville, Bence Gazdag, Julio Fernandez, Todd Forsythe, Charlene Son, Andy Kodner, Steve Fillipow, and many more.
– Ran the campaign group at Mevio (founded by Adam Curry, the inventor of podcasting, and serial entrepreneur Ron Bloom). The 25+ campaigns I led included social media, mobile, streaming video and audio, downloadable media (on ipods, tivos, PSPs, etc.), PPC, rich-media banners, CPA, and affiliate campaigns for companies like Coke, KMart, GoDaddy, eMusic, BBC, British Telecom, Sony Playstation, and others. Besides Adam and Ron, I worked with really amazingly talented people like Brian Longest, Moody Glasgow, Richard Brewer-Hay, CC Chapman, Share and Bam Ross, Cali Lewis, John Dvorak, Chris McIntyre, Andrew Budkofsky, Kris Jacob, and many more.
– Currently, I am Director of Product Strategy and Marketing at Unica. Focused on growing revenue and profit for on demand marketing resource management solutions as well as new interactive marketing products. Here, I am fortunate to work with people like Elana Anderson, Akin Arikan, Andrew Hally, Jay Henderson, Kevin Keane, Peter Cousins, Paul McNulty, Yuchun Lee, and many other marketing technology thought leaders.

Coll de la Taixeta

About Me: The “Typical, Written” Bio (this was written first, but I like the ones above better – I’d rather keep it short and have a conversation with someone about it than write it out ad-nauseum):

Adam has spent the past 13 years at leading companies in the web marketing, CRM, and marketing automation industries.

Currently, Adam focuses on “revenue generation” in a product strategy and marketing role at Unica for on demand products including new products for interactive marketing and the SaaS MRM solution MarketingCentral. MarketingCentral is the worldwide leader in on-demand marketing resource management (MRM) software. Over 300 customers, 2000 companies, and 24,000 people use MarketingCentral’s software-as-a-service to improve the productivity of their marketing departments and produce better marketing results.

Prior to his role at Unica, Adam was responsible for leading the campaign management team at PodShow (now Mevio), a Web.2.0 company founded by the inventor of podcasting, Adam Curry, and Ron Bloom. The campaign management team developed and trafficked social media, mobile, streaming video and audio, downloadable media (on ipods, tivos, PSPs, etc.), PPC, rich-media banners, CPA, and affiliate advertising campaigns for: Coca Cola, Audible.com, BBC, Bodog, Hewlett-Packard, K-Mart, Sony Playstation, British Telecom, Cover Girl, Sony Pictures, Go Daddy, Mobil Oil, Partida Tequila, Columbia/Tristar Pictures, Hamilton Beach, Sony Electronics, Hard Rock Hotels, Maglite, and Nokia.

From 2001 to 2007, Adam worked for Siebel Systems then Oracle, the worldwide leader in CRM application software. During Oracle’s acquisition of Siebel, Adam was asked to build a business case and then direct the worldwide implementation of Siebel’s marketing automation software (which would manage almost half a billion dollars in budget and produce over one million leads annually for Oracle). Adam helped lead the program office which was responsible for sales and alliances as well as worldwide project staffing, planning, change management, and partnering with information technology teams in India and Redwood Shores. At Siebel, Adam ran a 15-person, award-winning marketing operations department which supported over 500 marketing programs, processed over 20,000 leads, and direct-sourced over $100,000,000 of pipeline contribution per quarter. Adam worked closely with sales, consulting, and product teams while speaking on behalf of Siebel at both public and private events. Adam launched Siebel’s online community and was part of the integrated, internet marketing, and direct marketing departments. Adam also spent several years in the field working with large, global accounts and consulting with companies to help them improve the return on their CRM investment in the teleco/media industry.

Before Siebel, Adam worked at Kinzan with Garland Wong (prior principal architect of Cybercash) and Dr. Ray Ghanbari (recent CTO of Performance Marketing at Overture/Yahoo). Kinzan was one of the earliest companies to offer hosted e-CRM applications and innovated a web services platform before SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI were published. Adam contributed to both product marketing and sales functions at the start-up while part of the sales organization led by Tom Aitchison (prior SVP/GM of Webmethods) and worked alongside some of the most talented sales, product, and marketing people in the software industry.

Adam has started three small businesses during the past decade, consulted independently on numerous projects with colleagues, and participated in a variety of professional organizations. Early on in his career, Adam became employee “60-something” at iXL (later acquired by Aquantive and Microsoft). While at iXL, he was responsible for launching the first two versions of WebMD’s doctor-desktop and consumer portal. Adam helped to launch Chase.com and several other websites and online applications. While at iXL, he also won multiple awards for multimedia from the International Television Association.

Adam graduated with high honors from Georgia Tech in 1996 while earning a degree in Industrial Design and creating an undergraduate thesis in human-computer interaction. He lives with his wonderful wife in Atlanta, Georgia and enjoys: playing and listening to music, design and art, spending time with friends, walking his dogs, skateboarding, mountain biking, reading and learning, playing various outdoor sports, blogging and being an internet junkie, consuming all types of things, and playing the occasional Wii or Xbox video game.