yummy dinner plan for cabernet sauvignon

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– 18 Month Aged Sharp Cheddar, Dutch Gouda, Pecorino Romano, and Traditional English Farmhouse served with Organic Crackers
– Mango Ginger Chutney and Cream Cheese on Classic Water Crackers
– Wine Marinated Figs paired with Blue Stilton Cheese and wrapped in Prosciutto
– Mediterranean Olive Tapenade on French Baguette
– Frico Wafers (Parmesan, Basil, and Lemon)
– Sweet Chili Meatballs (just like Schweaty Balls from SNL, but better…well hopefully)
– Variety of Grilled Mushrooms drizzled with Hazelnut Gremolata
– Pizzettes ...

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new year’s 2009 wish for you

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To All My Family, Friends, and Colleagues,

At some point in our lives, we all experience a time of disbelief. For 2009, I wish you belief.

In 2008, there were many people who believed in me, and, in both small and big ways, the belief changed my life. As well, I learned that my belief in others had helped them and changed their life. These two types of belief are what I wish for you in 2009.

Sometimes that ...

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