Hello Team Terminus,

To be 100% transparent, I am pitching you on me through a personalized ABM/CBM ad and this landing page.

Hopefully, this approach is more in your accepted protocol than me email Wednesday. :)

Why should you care about me at all – what can I do for you and Terminus?

  • I’ve just helped a customer experience software company increase their projected valuation by 300%.
  • I also grew their “marketing-generated-sales-quoted” pipeline 450% in <24 months.
  • ===> I’d like to go do something like this again (or better) at a company like Terminus.

Could we explore and discuss such an opportunity?

Would a “one-page graphical CV overview” be helpful?


678.485.4440  |  adam@benjaminbloom.net  |  @adambloom  |  IQAC (Important Quote About Customers)


Why the heck do I think I’m qualified? I have proven to be trustworthy of delivering value.

  • I’ve worked for many successful executives and entrepreneurs – they know and trust that I deliver business value again and again.
  • My CRM and marketing ops experience/skills credibly align with your business.
  • There are 88 mutual connections between each of you and I on LinkedIn – I have recommendations from many – I am a solid referral.

==> If you do look at my CV, you’ll know in 2 minutes if you want to talk further.

And, congratulations on your growth and recent raise…Terminus was a great idea..and I love seeing entrepreneurs succeed.

Thank you for your time!